Ballywalter Primary School children chose the name Wave of Friendship and the boat colours.  She was built in premises provided by the Forum for Action on Substance Abuse (FASA)  group in the centre of the village.

“We were all complete novices and it was great how boat-builders from other communities advised us on our build and how our team developed their skills throughout the project.”

From the 1700s people travelled regularly back and forth from Ballywalter to Scotland.  

In the 1850s boats would transport lime into Ballywalter to be burned and used as fertilizer and for buildings.

In 1866 Ballywalter was given a lifeboat, the Admiral Henry Meynell, a sailing ship with oars.

If you are interested in getting invloved with the Ballywalter boat build or rowing please contact The Strangford Lough & Lecale Partnership on 028 42 72 8886 or email No experience necessary just lots of enthusiasm.