The Danny Buoy was built in Flynn’s Yard beside Rooney’s Garage in Dundrum

The team are very proud of how they learned the craft of boat building as they went along, some transferring skills picked up from  O-level woodwork and from making guitars.  

“Every day, our team learned something new and after a slow start we formed a dedicated team to build this boat for our community.”   

Henry Hanvey continues to build beautiful wooden boats at nearby St John’s Point Lighthouse where he lives. His interest was fuelled by German WWII prisoners-of-war in the nearby military camps who showed him how to build model boats.

The Downshire Steamship Company used to be based in Dundrum and major imports were coal from England and timber from the Baltic. Dundrum was a commercial port up until 1984.  Local man Teddy Connor was noted for piloting hundreds of ships through the narrow channel into Dundrum Bay.

Dundrum have set up the Dundrum Coastal Rowing Club if you would like to maintain or row Danny Buoy please contact Stephen Armstrong on 07976 133 532 or email him on skarmstrong@fsmail.net

in 2015 Dundrum Coastal Rowing Club have participated in regattas in Donaghadee, Kircubbin and The Narrows Challenges, Cork Ocean to City Race and the Dalriada Festival and arranged the Ice Breaker Races.

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