Troon Coastal Rowing Regatta

June 06, 2015 @ 12:00 AM

Troons Coastal Rowing Regatta will be held on South Beach on the 6th June.  Troon will have both their Skiffs in attendance – Marr Voyager and Ailsa Lass along with identical skiffs from other communities and always welcome visiting teams of rowers.  Rowers from  Dalriada in Northern Ireland participated in the 2014 regatta travelling  by ferry and made use of one of Troon’s skiffs to compete in the race.

In 2014 five colourful skiffs competed with a large group of supporters they raced on a kilometre course round two marker buoys with the finishing line just off the beach. 


In  2014 the regatta ended with an innovative International race using both Troon’s two skiffs.  This was Northern Ireland versus the Rest of the World.  The team from Dalriada represented Northern Ireland and one member of each of the competing teams was in the “World”skiff.  The Rest of the World arrived back at the shore as winners in front of a great, cheering crowd.

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