Black Neb Vixen was named after a dark, nose (neb) shaped rock that mariners use to navigate into Kircubbin Bay. She was built behind The Village Inn in a shed which, in years gone by, was used to build “Herons” and “Scorpions”.

“The whole town was talking about it, I was proud to be involved and to show my grandchildren what it is to build a boat”

Sailing Regattas were held at Kircubbin from the 1890s. Kircubbin Sailing Club continues the town’s
association with boats and boating to the present day.

“Heron” class boats were built by Kircubbin Scout Troop in 1962. In the 1950s, “Flying 15s” were built by local men in Gilmore’s loft at Harbour View.

In the 1930s, fishermen drift-netting for herring in Greyabbey Bay would race their yawls against each other to see who could be first back to Kircubbin – perhaps to secure the best price for their catch!
In the 1700s smugglers landed contraband in the quiet inlet of Doctor’s Bay.

If interested in joining the Black Neb Rowing Club, Kircubbin please contact Lynn Andrews on or call her on 0788 6249 429