Strangfjörthr was built at Laverty’s of Ballyculter and was named by children from St. Joseph’s Primary School. “Strangfjörthr” refers to the strong currents in the fiord like narrows of Strangford, which the Vikings would have encountered when they arrived in the 9th Century.

“I hope that this project will help to retain the craft of boatbuilding”.

Many local families are associated with building smaller boats. Murnins of Kilclief built punts for small farmers and fishermen. Pat Swail was another boat builder and owner..

Historically, small boats would race out to the Bar at the mouth of Strangford Lough to put local pilots on board and escort ships coming in to Lough.  Early ferry boats were also small, local, wooden craft.

If you would like to join the Strangford Coastal Rowing Club which maintains and rows this beautiful St Ayles Skiff plese get in touch with James Elliott on 0797 4724 756 or email    The Club row most weekends, weather permitting.  

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